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Educate who?

There are many organizations that exist to educate parents on the merits of inclusive education. But what is actually the point if the teachers and administrators that creating your child's education are not on board?

Include CA believes we need to educate:

  • Parents, Caregivers, extended family & students,

  • Teachers and paraeducators, and their union leaders

  • School leaders: Principals and superintendents

  • Administrators: Program Specialists, Special Education Directors, SELPA Directors 

  • Parents whose children are unlabeled/non-disabled, PTA leaders

  • Policymakers, and legislators, at the state and national level

Many of these resources will work for any of these groups.

Events to learn about Inclusion

Resources for IEP Support

Rethinking Aides

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Access to Common Core Curriculum - modifications, accomidations and diplomas

Coming Soon

Resources on district level systemic change

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